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NYC Metro Area Vegan Restaurant Guide

Le Pain Quotidien (Central Park South)

Food: 3.53.5
Atmosphere: 2.752.75
Service: 2.752.75

(4 customer reviews. Leave your own!)

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922 Seventh Avenue
New York   NY 10019
(212) 757-0775
Le Pain Quotidien (Central Park South) website

Veg level:

Not Vegetarian (decent vegan options)

Menu indicates vegan items

Price Range:

$$$$$ (Average entree cost: $5-$10)

Accepted Payments:

  • Visa
  • ·
  • Mastercard
  • ·
  • American Express


Mon-Fri 7:30am-7:30pm. Sat & Sun 8am-7:30pm. No orders taken after 7pm.


At 58th street.

Delivery notes:

Le Pain Quotidien (Central Park South) does not deliver.


This Belgian chain features a large communal table, but has smaller individual tables as well. Counter service is for take-out only. You'll find soy milk for your coffee, fresh baked breads, vegan blueberry muffins, a selection of "homemade" jams, organic salads, and a several veggie sandwich options. The soup of the day is always vegan.

Although the menu knows what vegan means, the staff may need a reminder to not spread butter on your sandwich bread!

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User Reviews of Le Pain Quotidien (Central Park South)

Averaged user ratings:

(1 star = lousy; 5 stars = great)
Food: 3.53.5
Atmosphere: 2.752.75
Service: 2.752.75
  • Review by riptide on February 19, 2008:

  • This place is really gross and unsanitary. The food is about as bad as I've ever had in a restaurant. Stale bread and slimy, mealy vegetables. The wait staff constantly screws things up. Unbelievably expensive as well.
  • Food: 11
    Atmosphere: 11
    Service: 11
  • Review by catres on February 13, 2008:

  • Be sure to ask about the desserts, when I checked several of the "vegan" desserts had honey. They have an ingredient book so you can check before you order something. Mezze plate is great but pretty large so I suggest sharing. GOod bread and preserves and generally at least one vegan soup.
  • Food: 44
    Atmosphere: 44
    Service: 44
  • Review by April on July 14, 2006:

  • This is a great lunch spot, with lots of vegan options and enough of the other stuff to make the meat-eaters in your party happy.

    One caveat though: although the sandwiches marked as vegan are not supposed to be buttered, they sometimes are. So... as annoying as it is to have to request that a 'vegan' sandwich be made without butter, it's best to be on the safe side and do just that. I have been burned on this one so many times that I now also regularly check my sandwiches, as soon as I get them, to make sure that they're butter-free.
  • Food: 44
    Atmosphere: 44
    Service: 22
  • Review by Hannah on May 26, 2006:

  • LPQ has limited vegan options, but all their stuff is free range and organic, which you have to appreciate. Their james and spreads are good, and you can buy loaves of bread at the counter. I recommend the black bean hummus sandwich, it's delicious. The decor is cheesy and generic, however.
  • Food: 55
    Atmosphere: 22
    Service: 44

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