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NYC Metro Area Vegan Restaurant Guide

Josie's West

Food: 1.51.5
Atmosphere: 33
Service: 22

(2 customer reviews. Leave your own!)

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300 Amsterdam Avenue
New York   NY 10023
(212) 769-1212
Fax: (212) 873-3913
Josie's West website

Veg level:

Not Vegetarian (decent vegan options)

Menu indicates vegan items

Price Range:

$$$$$ (Average entree cost: $15-$20)

Accepted Payments:

  • Visa
  • ·
  • Mastercard
  • ·
  • American Express


Mon-Wed: 11:30am-11pm; Thu-Fri: 11:30am-12am; Sat: 11am-12am; Sun: 10:30am-11pm


At 74th Street.

Delivery notes:

Josie's West delivers.

Available after 5pm. Call (212) 769-3991 for delivery. A $20 minimum order is required. The menu is slightly different than the in-house menu.


Josie's has an emphasis on serving organic, free-range animals, but there are a few vegan dishes. Be careful - on their dessert menu, "non-dairy" does not usually mean vegan. Be sure to ask!

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User Reviews of Josie's West

Averaged user ratings:

(1 star = lousy; 5 stars = great)
Food: 1.51.5
Atmosphere: 33
Service: 22
  • Review by gemgyrl on June 15, 2008:

  • The service at Josies has always been pretty shitty---either mildly incompetent (forgetting to bring a spoon for your ice cream and then disappearing as it melts) to snotty.

    The food has always seemed "overpriced," never fresher, more innovative, with more refined (or expensive) ingredients than anywhere else.

    But, when you are stuck on the Upper West Side, and wanted something vegan, Josies was there, and the food was good enough. The tofu scramble, stirfry, lentil loaf, josie's plate, etc., were all tasty choices... and then they got more meat friendly, and then even more meat friendly, and more vegan hostile, til there was barely anything left that we could eat, and of that, nothing much that we would want, especially at those prices. Who knows why. With Blossom Cafe in the hood, there's definitely got to be some vegan heads that would patronize the joint and meat eaters and regular old vegetarians that would appreciate innovative vegan choices. This place has always had attitude, and its attitude towards vegans right now is not that friendly. The food is more bland and boring and expensive than ever, the atmosphere blah, and the service still lousy.
  • Food: 22
    Atmosphere: 33
    Service: 22
  • Review by crispyheart on January 15, 2007:

  • I had once before been to Josie's East and had a very enjoyable meal there. So my last dining experience (a few months ago) at Josie's West was extra disappointing. My pasta dish was bland, soggy & generally a complete waste of money. The service was slow, scattered & though the place was not terribly busy, our server was definitely not interested in our enjoyment of the meal. I don't need my hand held while I'm eating out, but coming by to make sure we got everything we'd ordered, were not in need of anything else, and generally were having a trauma-free dining experience is de rigeur at fashionable and less fashionable eateries in the world. With so many other awesome veg options, I am definitely going to think long & hard before returning. Mushy pasta I can make at home, thank you very much!
  • Food: 11
    Atmosphere: 33
    Service: 22

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