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NYC Metro Area Vegan Restaurant Graveyard

Raw Soul

Food: 44
Atmosphere: 33
Service: 3.53.5

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348 West 145th Street
New York   NY 10031

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Veg level:

100% Vegan

Price Range:

$$$$$ (Average entree cost: $5-$10)

Accepted Payments:

  • Visa
  • ·
  • Mastercard

Payment notes:

$15 minimum credit card charge.


Juice bar: Mon-Sat 9:30am-9pm. Restaurant: Thu 4pm-10pm and Sat Noon-8pm. Buffet Brunch: Sun 11am-4pm.

Delivery notes:

Raw Soul delivered.


All dishes are prepared without dairy, tofu, refined sugars, preservatives and processed foods.

Raw Soul often hosts events on raw living and health. Visit the website for information on these events.

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Shared Memories of Raw Soul

Averaged user ratings:

(1 star = lousy; 5 stars = great)
Food: 44
Atmosphere: 33
Service: 3.53.5
  • Review by FightRacism4ever on May 30, 2009:

  • Never actually got to eat the food. My son and I eagerly expected to have a vegan meal but the lady there was so RUDE, we left! Many Black folks, who own businesses, treat Black customers very badly, this is the case throughout Harlem.
  • Atmosphere: 11
    Service: 11
  • Review by veggie_chick on August 15, 2008:

  • I recently moved to Harlem and eat here at least once or twice a week. I am so grateful that this place exists. It's only half a narrow block from 145th St A/B/C/D station. The pesto pizza is my absolute favorite so far and I don't even usually like olives but theirs aren't super salty and chemically tasting like regular olives. The berry smoothie is delicious as well; not as thick as smoothies made with (frozen) bananas which I don't care for anyways. Atmosphere is more like a smoothie joint than a restaurant so I wouldn't recommend it for a first (or even fifth) date. Staff is always pleasant, gracious and welcoming.
  • Food: 55
    Atmosphere: 33
    Service: 44
  • Review by Lucky2 on July 2, 2008:

  • After eating a cheesecake at 24 carrots, and finding out that it was made at Raw Soul, I was compelled to hunt it down. I found it three [very long, hilly] blocks from the subway, and dropped in to get some food and desserts. I had to wait a bit, but I chatted with the staff while I waited. A bit of sticker shock - though the prices seemed to hold with all the other vegan restaurants in NYC.

    Even though I had to wait about an hour plus before I could eat due to the subway, everything seemedto hold up well... The pesto pizza was delicious [even though I'm not a fan of olives]; the apple-blueberry pie, though strange looking, was also good, as was the cheesecake. The chocolate cake had a strange larabarish taste - not BAD, but not to my liking. The smoothie I'd gotten melted in the subway ride - a pity, 'cause it had a good taste [I drank it anyway].

    I'm definitely going back outside of rush hour... I want to try more, it was definitely promising.
  • Food: 44
    Atmosphere: 33
    Service: 33
  • Review by catres on February 13, 2008:

  • Good for what it was-basic raw food and I love that there's an option where they are located. It's Kosher too. I wouldn't go here on a date since the atmosphere was lacking but the pizza was good.
  • Food: 33
    Atmosphere: 22
    Service: 44
  • Review by beautifuld1rt on July 26, 2007:

  • I saw raw soul on my way to class at city college and decided to make a trip there for their lunch special, as I only had $10 on me at the time.
    The atmosphere is very cozy and welcoming. The lady that helped us was friendly and made sure to accommodate us. They ran out of a few items, which was a bit disappointing, but the Gazpacho soup was delicious and the serving generous. I felt that the serving of "pizza" on the lunch special was a bit small for me, but then looking at everyone else's plates, I could see that they gave good portions, but not for main entree for the lunch specials. Please note the "pizza", I am a firm believer that pizza without any type of "cheese" is not pizza, but bread with sauce. Nevertheless, it was tasty and flavorful with a sweet sauce and toppings that complemented the sauce with a crunchy buckwheat crust [good for you, but not figure friendly if you're counting the calories, especially for the serving size :(] I also liked the chai tea, which wasn't sweetened! Just the way I like it.
    I will be going back there to try more of their offerings.
  • Food: 44
    Atmosphere: 44
    Service: 44
  • Review by gaijingirl on April 18, 2007:

  • An oasis of raw food - serving the Harlem community an array of soups, salads, smoothies...and classic living food entrees (such as burgers, wraps and veggie/zucchini noodle lasagna.*

    There's a comfortable feel to Raw Soul - a vibe echoed both by staff and the elegant (yet streamlined) decor. Surprisingly spacious, the atmosphere is instantly welcoming - encouraging visitors to sit down, relax - and simply enjoy the food.

    As with many health food establishments, several smoothies and beverages are served - including coconut water, sorrel punch and mint flavored rejuvelac. Though the customer next to me raved about the wheatgrass, my ginger beer proved lackluster (and somewhat watery.) The dessert offerings proved better - running the range from papaya ice popsicles and live cheesecake (mine was topped with strawberry...and tasted basically like ice cream pie.)

    But the true highlight was the entree - an extremely satisfying tamale pie (made with chile spiced nut meat, and covered with a surprisingly authentic layer of raw corn bread.) The taste was complex - the portions generous (especially compared to many other raw establishments in NYC.) Other tempting options include quiche (made with nut crust, marinated vegetables and almond cheese) and the personal pizza - topped with a choice of pesto sauce or walnut cheese/mushrooms/peppers and sundried tomatoes. So next time, I'm focusing on the main dishes. Because at Raw Soul, there are alot of good tastes to choose from.
  • Food: 44
    Atmosphere: 55
    Service: 55

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