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You searched for restaurants: located in NYC Metro Area, in price range(s) $15-$20
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154 Carlton Avenue
(718) 855-9455
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Anima Italian Bistro
458 Myrtle Ave.
(718) 422-1122
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A Café and Wine Room
973 Columbus Ave
(212) 222-2033
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Café Blossom (West Village)
41 Carmine St.
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Candle 79
154 East 79th Street
(212) 537-7179
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Candle Café
1307 3rd Avenue
(212) 472-0970
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Candle Café West
2427 Broadway
(212) 769-8900
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Citrus Bar & Grill
320 Amsterdam Avenue
(212) 595-0500
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Dirt Candy
430 East 9th Street
(212) 228-7732
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120 Essex St
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695 Bay St.
(718) 420-0091
519 6th Ave
(212) 242-5800
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Highpoint Bistro
216 7th Ave
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Ishihama Japanese Cuisine
319 5th Avenue
(212) 696-0202
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Josie's East
565 3rd Avenue
(212) 490-1558
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Josie's West
300 Amsterdam Avenue
(212) 769-1212
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Korhogo 126
126 Union Street
(718) 855-4405
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Mexican Radio
19 Cleveland Place
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Palà Pizza
198 Allen Street
(212) 614-7252
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249 Centre Street
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Rockin' Raw
171 Sullivan St
(212) 477-3777
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Table Verte
127 E 7th St
(212) 539-0231
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36 Richmond Terrace
(718) 273-7644
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NYC Metro Area Restaurants

We mark restaurants by how vegan-friendly they are. Our classifications are as follows:
100% Vegan
Places that do not serve or prepare any food containing animal products.
Vegetarian (mostly vegan)
They may serve some dairy or honey, but these places are strictly vegetarian and offer plenty for vegans.
No dead animal products, but there's no guarantee of them being particularly friendly to vegans.
Not Vegetarian (decent vegan options)
They serve meat, but they also serve good stuff for vegans.
Not Vegetarian (few decent vegan options)
Why do we even list these places? Some of them may have one or two worthwhile dishes, or maybe you're stuck going there for a group dinner and could use a vegan perspective.